Calgary Home Sellers Kit

Present YOUR CALGARY HOME For Sale in its Best Condition.

Our "Calgary Home Sellers Kit" Shows You How…

        Entering in to Calgary’s current market can be somewhat intimidating, especially if you haven’t sold a house in a while. As you begin your research, you’ll find the market continues to has change monthly; not curently a SELLERS market right now, but home prices can still be affected up or down easily. You’ll be entering the market with high expectations and once your home is FOR SALE, you’ll find yourself competing with a number of other sellers who, like you, simply want to sell for the most money possible.     

     Calgary, one of Canada's best Real Estate markets, has specific idiosyncrocies. There's always properties for sale and you'll find them in every category. From post and pre-war small family properties to upscale urban homes, luxury homes, condominiums, and custom built properties, the array of choices is complete. Presenting YOUR home in an appealing manner will be crucial to your selling success. Plus you amy be competing with NEW HOMES FOR SALE.

     You face many considerations when selling. Home condition, timing, mortgage rules, list price, recent sales, and current listings, along with a host of other other things will all play their part in your project of selling. A well known rule-of-thumb is that the correct list price, when compared with other comparable homes in the community, garners the buyer’s interest first and foremost and subsequent to that a request to see the home follows. 

    That means then that presenting your home correctly, in its best looking, most appealing condition, is then the next crucial step. As you'll discover, buyers are keen to see value for the asking price you'll set.

    If selling is in your near future, our CALGARY HOME SELLERS KIT is an ideal choice. You’ll receive a fully featured, comprehensive collection of useful tools which will help you see the importance of correctly pricing and presenting your home to prospective buyers. Your personal kit will include the following:

  •  FREE REPORT 1: A special brochure: “27 48 Crucial Tips for Creating a Faster, More profitable Sale”
  • FREE REPORT 2: A Comprehensive AREA SALES data report including recent sales, current listings, and a printout of your home as it appears in the database (either report 1 or 2)
  • FREE REPORT 3: A Quick and Easy Fix-Ups guide.
  • FREE DVD: “Selling in Calgary”
  • FREE CD: “How to Price and Prepare your Home to Sell”

     Order your own personalized kit right now. Fill out the form on the right and we'll send it out to you ASAP. 

     Then...start packing!!

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