Back by popular demand…

(JULY 2, 2014 – Location TBV - based on attendance)

DATE: July 2, 2014
TIME: 7:30 pm
LOCATION: TBV (based on registered attendance - once we know, we'll e-mail you the location)

    It’s 2014, will you be stepping in to Calgary’s VERY competitive Real Estate market to BUY A HOME this year? 

     Will it be your FIRST home?
    An Upscale or Luxury Home?
    A Condominium?
    A larger, more family suitable home? 
    An investment or multi-family property? 
    An Acreage? 
    Downsizing into something smaller or more manageable?

    Regardless of the sector you’re buying in, Calgary’s competitive market serves you BEST when you TOTALLY understand it, not just a temporary surface knowledge, but real MARKET EXPERIENCE.   

    Succeeding in this current market as a buyer takes time, effort, and, ingenuity. Experience plays a large part in your success as well. Casually stepping in, creating a purchase contract, and then ”hoping” for the best is the WRONG method to use...

    Begin your home hunting project by FIRST gaining Calgary 
MARKET EXPERIENCE  and becoming a well educated, careful home shopper. Step in with a clear understanding of its in's and out's. Learning the tips and tricks used by savvy investors and seasoned, well trained home buyers.  Remember, the home you buy has long range effects on both your happiness and your personal financial picture, so a careful consideration of ALL the relevant factors is crucial. We’ll share many of them with you, some you’re probably aware but, more importantly, some you may not have thought of before. 

    For example, did you know there’s
6 CRUCIAL MORTGAGE MISTAKES you MUST avoid when you buy? We’ll show them to you and help you strategically understand the financial side of buying. (No we’re NOT bankers in case you were wondering)  

    On Wednesday July 2, 2014, you’re invited to spend 60-90 minutes at our VERY POPULAR, FREE Home Buyers seminar . We put this seminar on to help consumers UNDERSTAND the process of buying a home in Calgary’s market and help arm you with the best tools to step into the process.

     You'll learn how to....

         Get to the BEST priced homes FAST before anyone else using Realtor-like access 

         How to really use the MLS to your benefit – not just as a catalogue of homes for sale.

        How to spot a potential HUGE discount in a home

        How to tap in to the houses For Sale that MUST be sold ASAP

        How to CORRECTLY set up your mortgage so it’s NOT a complete financial burden 

        FORECLOSURES – the BENEFITS and RISKS of buying one

        How to create an irresistible “Offer to Purchase” once you’ve found the home of your dreams

        How to ACTUALLY obtain a 2 year “BUY BACK” warranty on the home you buy

        How to swap your current home for a more suitable home

                            …and lots more

    On hand you’ll have access to one of Calgary’s busiest Real Estate lawyers Reid Schmidt of the 20/20 law Group who' s agreed to lend his years of experience and knowledge answering absolutely any real estate questions you have.

     Meet Randy McCombs, owner and principal at Pro-Link Mortgage - one of Calgary’s most adept Mortgage specialists, who'll be there to help steer you through the labyrinth of Mortgages and home loan financing, even get you started on a pre-approval if necessary.

    You'll benefit greatly from this evening of informative information, suggestions, and practical instruction. All we need you to do right now is REGISTER using the form below. The room we normally use holds about 30-35 people so we have to limit registration to 35 people. To register, fill in the form up and to the right and we'll let you know the address once we've confirmed the attendance. 



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